Innovation and tradition live happily side by side!

The vineyards of Saint Emilion – Pomerol – Fronsac have their own traditions and ancestral expertise. However, it is also a region of constant innovation, whether technical, oenological or architectural.

History is everywhere!

With Roman colonisation then monastic orders, ever since ancient times and the first centuries of the present era Saint-Emilion has prospered. Its success reached international levels at a very early stage, when south-west France came under the rule of the English crown in the 12th century. Close trading links were forged which even wars could not break.

The Enlightenment saw the appearance of Crus, wines of increasingly good quality and finesse driven by a new generation of winegrowers. The phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century unfortunately brought uncertainty and ravages, but also solidarity and a sense of community.

The first wine syndicate was born here, and a meticulous classification was established in 1955. Today, this spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is more present than ever before.

Boldness is everywhere!

Every aspect of winemaking, from vinification to marketing, is the subject of research.

Micro-oxygenation, pollen sensors, grape transport using gravity and various tools have been devised, tested and developed in these vineyards.

The new challenges are environmental, with an ongoing reduction in impact and the use of plant protection products and an increasing amount of energy and water savings.

The ever-improving knowledge possessed by professionals and transmitted to students and the public also ensures that work on the vine will continue far into the future.

Saint-Emilion – Pomerol – Fronsac winegrowing estates are always family-owned and modest in size. In wineries, state-of-the-art equipment stands side by side with traditional ageing in barrels. More than ever, the balance between heritage and innovation is rooted in the hearts of this terroir’s inhabitants.